Message for you

For the first time in a long time I forgot about you. Something had to change i thought. Guess I was wrong. Thought all these feelings went away, but you know all the things to say, hate the things you do but i still text you back, i miss you too.

Where have you gone?

I thought you would’ve called by now. You left with no explanation, yet my heart understood why you were doing it. When you left my body felt like a funeral, time passed. The pain didn’t go away I got use to it. But up to this day I wonder what became of you? You call […]

Am I the only one?

Nothing feels worse then having the people you love hurt you slowly. Maybe its not their fault maybe its my fault for allowing them to mean as much. But I took the chance cause its beautiful to see how someone else can care for me. But after they hurt you, do you ever think if […]